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Today in California there are almost 80,000 children in foster care. A child in “the system” has already suffered much having been removed from their biological family due to abandon, abuse or neglect.

For about half of these children, the situation is temporary. They are returned home in less than a year. But about half of these children will not be reunified with their parents and will need a permanent family.

Unfortunately, California suffers from a shortage of families who can provide a healthy and permanent home for these children, especially for siblings. 64% of children in foster care are separated from their sisters and brothers causing additional trauma.

Then, even when a permanent placement plan is made, the families often lack support. Placements fail. And children bounce from home to home.

The longer a child remains in foster care, the less likely they are to ever find a permanent home. And when a youth leaves the system at age 18 without a family, he is in great risk of homelessness, unemployment, even incarceration.

We serve children from the foster care system who, without a community like this, will likely never finding a permanent loving home or will be separated from their sisters or brothers. Specifically:

  • Youths who need a permanent family and/or are eligible for adoption
  • Siblings who would otherwise be separated
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