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• A beautiful housing development
where neighbors know and care
for one another…

• A community where foster children find healing in permanent, loving families...

• A place where honorary “grandparents” tutor a child or teach him how to bake or ride
a bike …

• A neighborhood where a single mother receives the support she needs to parent the four siblings who previously had been separated...

We are building such a place.

To create vibrant, multi-generational communities where children who have experienced foster care find permanent, loving families; those families receive integral support; and seniors find meaningful purpose as valued members of the community.

1) Increase the number of families who can consider providing a permanent home for a foster child and/or sibling group by providing affordable housing;

2) Increase the relational support these families need to thrive by providing onsite services and by equipping and enhancing the community to care for itself.

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