Dear Friends,

A few years ago, something happened that changed my life. I watched an HBO documentary profiling Hope Meadows, a unique community in rural Illinois where the hardest-to-place foster children had found loving, permanent homes and where those adoptive families were supported by seniors who volunteered with the children in exchange for reduced rent.

Watching the people of this community transformed by their love and care for one another moved me. It was one of those rare moments in life when something deep inside of you leaps. And you hardly stop to think. You hardly stop to breathe. You just know you’re meant to do something ….

Soon, I was on a plane back to Illinois. Meeting with the founder of Hope and visiting with some of the very residents I’d seen on television. In person, the story of their lives touched me even more and I flew home to found Generations Together with the dream of creating a similar community here in California.

Beth Fraker,
Founder and Executive Director
Generations Together
Truthfully, if I’d known what I was getting myself into, I don’t think I’d ever have started. I didn’t know the first thing about non-profit management, let alone real estate development! And I had no idea how hard this would be…

But as an adoptee myself, who was once briefly in foster care, I know firsthand the priceless gift of being chosen by a loving adoptive family. A family who says, “We are here for you, forever.” And I knew I wanted to somehow be part of making this happen in other children’s lives.

Over the next months and years, as I shared my dream, so many exceptional people came alongside, offering a wide array of gifts and talents. In fact, many of you have contributed your finances, your skills, your networks. You have humbled and blessed and buoyed me through the roughest times. Times when I was ready to give up … Thank you!

And now, here we are, years later. The dream birthed in my heart all of those years ago is becoming a reality! Known leaders in the field of child welfare have partnered with us to design the programs and services we will offer and in May 2007, an award-winning non-profit real estate development company purchased a 7 acre parcel of land with an eye towards it becoming the first GT Community! In a few years, we hope to welcome our first children, families and seniors!

Even writing that sentence, I had to pause. It feels surreal to me. Tears of joy fill my eyes. What an honor to be part of an endeavor like this! What an honor to journey with you all!

As you read through this site, I hope you will be moved by the plight of the children we will serve. And I hope you will be inspired to contribute to our work. Together, we will build a community that will rebuild their lives.
Come be a part…

With gratitude,

Beth Fraker
Founder and Executive Director
Generations Together

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